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The No Walls Ministry is here to assist our fellow Christians who wish to become an ordained minister or a wedding officiant and spread God’s word.   We ONLY issue Ministry Certifications for Christians. Our online ordained minister or wedding officiant certification is legal in all 50 states and most of the world.  If you are looking for anything other than how to become a Christian Ordained Minister, please move on, there are many other online ministries who can accomidate you. 

Once you become ordained as a minister or wedding officiant in the No Walls Ministry, you can visit our store and get the other items you may need to fulfill your as a wedding officiant or an ordained minister.

We have several other levels of ministry certifications for you to consider.  Whether you choose to become an ordained minister or wedding officiant, you can also earn a Master of Divinity, Bishop, or a Doctorate of Divinity Certification.

Completing an online application in the No Walls Ministry is simple and our site is very easy to navigate.  You can become an ordained minister today and work as a legal wedding officiant tomorrow.

Thanks to recent computer and printer upgrade, most certifications are shipped within 24 hours after receiving the request.

We thank your for visiting our online minister site and invite you to consider taking the next step, share the Grace, and become an ordained minster, a wedding officiant, or one of our other online minister certifications.

The No Walls Ministry appreciates hearing from our ordained ministers and wedding officiants and encourage their sharing stories of lives they have helped and the marriages they have officiated in.

The No Walls Ministry has no affiliation with any other associations and remains, a totally independent online ministry and a neighborhood/regional ministry.   The No Walls Ministry mission is to serve God by serving others.   The No Walls Ministry all volunteer staff is enthusiastic on volunteering their time and energy in our daily lives and encourage our ordained ministers and wedding officiants to do what they can to make their communities a better place.

We will begin sharing stories and experiences of our member’s that have had profound effects on others through their ordained minister functions.  Please send your stories and experiences to so we can share them on this site.   Continue to follow the No Walls Ministry as our site grows to assist you in becoming an ordained minister or wedding officiant.